Renée Muzquiz

Musician and Actor in Portland, OR

Musician & Actor in Portland, Oregon


Renée Muzquiz - Gay Kids (Tiny Desk Contest Submission 2019)

major tomboys - all female-identified david bowie cover band - promo video

Renée Muzquiz - Your Wintertime (Tiny Desk Contest Submission 2017)

"Your Wintertime" original song written and performed by Renée Muzquiz

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (Cover Feat. Renée Muzquiz)

Renée Muzquiz lead guitarist Girls Night Out - Debut concert (2014)

Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower (Cover Feat. Renée Muzquiz)

Renée Muzquiz plays All Along the Watchtower for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation's Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Tiny Desk Contest - HAPPY Bunny Song

2016 Submission of one of my Chica y Los Gatos songs. Enjoy!

Background Photo by Meg Nanna.